I absolutely love the new Airport, it supports logging and statistics and supports SNMP which means I can graph the incoming and outgoing traffic using MRTG!

There’s another cool and new feature, AirDisk. AirDisk allows you to share the connected hard drive(s) over the local network and the internet which sounds really cool except for the fact that in the initial release of the new Airport Extreme it disabled you from using port 548 for anything else! This prevented me from logging in to my Xserve using AFP (Apple File Protocol) which uses port 548!

Fortunately Apple released an update that allows you to disable the AirDisk functionality and take back port 548! If you need to use port 548 you can just download and install this update and then run the Airport Utility (found in Applications >> Utilities) software. The update also will also enable Airport Utility to auto-check for firmware updates for any of your Airports. Version 7.1 is the firmware needed to use port 548 on the new Airport Extremes.


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