I’m a sucker for cool keyboard shortcuts. I learned three new ones this week that are worth passing on.

Note: the “Command” key is the one typically printed with an Apple or a clover shape. It is the key next to the spacebar on most keyboards. The Command key is sometimes called the Apple key.

1. Remove or rearrange icons on the right side of the menu bar by holding down the Command key and dragging the icon. I learned this tip at Tuaw.com.

2. Quickly and easily change a folder or file’s name by clicking on it once to highlight it, then click on the Return key. The title of the file or folder will be highlighted, allowing you to quickly edit it. I also learned this at Tuaw.com.

3. Close all applications except the one you’re working in by holding down Command, Option, and H all at the same time. I love this instant way to clear screen clutter.

Also, here is is an old favorite than many people seem unaware of: if you use tabs in Safari or Firefox, hold down the Command key while clicking a link – the link will automatically open in a new tab.

The Option and Command keys can be used to simplify everyday computer tasks, as well as unlock some novel functions not otherwise available. For a fairly complete list, read this excellent article (pointed out by Jason, a Mac guru based out of our Burlington store) at Macosxhints.com:



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