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This would be the very first screencast in what I hope to be many! This is actually the first screencast I have ever done, so bear with me.

When I write blog articles I try as best as I possibly can to explain how to do something but sometimes it’s not enough. With screencasts you can see exactly how I do it and you can pause at a certain spot if need be!

In this screencast I show you how to change icons in OS X. As an example I change the icon to one of the hard drives in my computer. In case you’re lost about what’s going on in the video here’s a little text.

Step 1. I have a folder on my desktop with the icon I want to use. I open the folder and click on the icon. I then hit Apple+I and this will bring up another window with some information about the icon itself.

Step 2. I copy the icon by clicking on the little image of it (notice the blue glow around the icon when you click on it). You can hit Apple+C to copy the icon.

Step 3. I select the hard drive that I want to change. Hit Apple+I just like before to get a new window.

Step 4. I click on the little hard drive icon show in the new window that comes up. It’ll get that same blue glow as before. Now hit Apple+V to paste your new icon.

Step 5. If all goes well you should have the new icon showing up on your desktop!

If you would like to view a full size (1600×1024) version you may do so by right clicking here and using Save Link As…If you just view the large video from your web browser it’s likely it will not display correctly.


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