I use rolls in my iPhoto Library so when I come back from taking pictures I can easily see all photos from that ‘session’ in a group. Each time I import new photos into iPhoto it will make a new roll. I also am a frequent web surfer and I like to save images from the web to my computer so the first tip helps clean up rolls.

Tip #1: Add photos to different rolls

When I am surfing the web and I find a neat wallpaper or image I just add it to my iPhoto Library. You can right click on images in Safari and hit ‘Add Image to iPhoto Library’. If you use the ‘rolls’ view like I do, you’ll notice each time you do this ‘add image to iPhoto library’ it will create a new roll. This could lead to hundreds of rolls! To clear this up you can just move images from one roll to another.

An example:

Click to see full size image…

I love the images on PixelGirlPresents.com so when I am browsing there I sometimes add 20-30 images from their website to my iPhoto Library. This creates quite a lot of rolls. Instead of having 20 rolls, I would prefer to have 1 rolls called ‘Pixel Girl Presents’ and maybe even the date. In order to do this, choose one roll to be the ‘master roll’. Then click on a picture from one of the other rolls and drag it onto the title of the master roll. Drop it there and it should get added to the master roll! Do this for all the other images you want to include in the master roll! In my example images below I am moving an image from Roll 28 to Roll 27.

Dragging the image onto the roll title
Click to see full size image…

Final Result – All images in one roll!
Click to see full size image…

You can do this for pretty much any roll/photos.

Tip #2: Renaming Rolls

As much as love to see how many rolls I’ve got I would prefer to use meaningful names on the rolls. Something like ‘Vershire Horse Show 7/11/2006’ means a bit more then ‘Roll 278’.

Make sure you have Information turned on. You can do this by clicking the little icon of an ‘I’ in the lower left corner of the iPhoto window. Then click on the roll you want to rename (click on the little icon of the photo roll) and the information box will fill up with information about the roll. Clicking on title will allow you to rename the roll to something more useful! You can even input some comments about the roll!


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