Did you know that Small Dog Electronics offers Parallels Desktop for Mac pre-loaded on a 512MB Kingston Flash Key? It works just like ordering Parallels on a CD-ROM, except in this case you get to keep and reuse the flash key.

What is Parallels Desktop? It “lets you run any version of Windows at blazing speed, right alongside Mac OS X. Linux, Solaris and other operating systems are supported, as well. And best of all, because these “virtual machines” run on top of OS X, no rebooting is required. Run Windows inside a window on your Mac desktop – or run it at full-screen and easily switch back and forth between operating systems. Easily share files and copy and paste data between Windows XP and Mac OS X. Setup is simple, and no hard drive partitioning is required.”

NOTE: you need an Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.4.6 or later with a minimum of 512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM recommended) and 30 MB hard drive space for Parallels Desktop installation, plus space to allocate to your virtual machine.

You ALSO need a copy of Windows or Linux, if you wish to run these operating systems. See the versions of Windows we sell by clicking here.

Order your 512MB Kingston Flash Key with FREE shipping (offer exclusive to this blog) by clicking here!


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