People often ask us why they should shop at Small Dog over Apple. Besides the award winning customer service, friendly and patient sales associates, expert product knowledge, informative newsletters, seminars or even consulting . . . there is price!

Often times people do not think that the little guys can compete with the big players but let me tell you a little story.

I just took an order for a friend who was buying a new Macbook Pro with 4gb of RAM, Applecare, Shake and a Final Cut Pro upgrade. The order total is about $4,000. If my friend went to or an apple store the total would have been about $4,800! Here is how he saved so much at Small Dog:
– The Macbook Pro customized machine would have been about a $700 upgrade to get to 4gb of RAM. Small Dog will install RAM free and the charge is only $280 AND the customer gets to keep the other two 1gb chips. – Applecare – Small Dog lists applecare for a Macbook Pro for a $20 discount over Apple. – Taxes – ship to anywhere in the country (other than VT) and you don’t pay taxes! This order is going to New York City – a savings of about $320 in taxes!

All in all a savings of $760 for a simple order of a new computer with extra ram and applecare. Give us a call and let us tell you how you can save!


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