by Jim Fecteau of (posted by Ed, written and submitted by Jim Fecteau)

Being a blacksmith, designing “stuff” for clients is sometimes hard to do. I felt having a laptop could be a really great way to convey what I (Huntington River Smithy) can do for them. Customers are able to ask the right questions once they see what I’ve done, and what I’d like to do. So, in December 2006 I bought a MacBook Pro 17”. It’s been great, I love it.

I also use the MacBook Pro 17” to document steps in making tools of the trade, classes I’ve taught about blacksmithing, the steps required to make production items, and noteworthy ideas from other smiths.

All this information I intended to share with a bunch of Blacksmiths at a Spring Meet in Rhode Island. I packed up the truck, loaded the trailer, and took off on June 1st at 9AM. I had to stop in Montpelier to pick up a fellow blacksmith. As we packed his stuff, I realized the laptop was missing.
It was then that I had the gut wrenching realization that the clunk that I heard during the ride to Montpelier was not the passenger side seat belt flapping in the breeze – but the laptop falling off the roof of the truck!

I called my wife back in Huntington and had her look for it; she did her best BUT NO LUCK.

I had no choice but to attend the meet as Lucian was the demonstrator and I was his helper. A painful weekend ended and Monday arrived with the task of seeing about insurance. During that day Small Dog Electronics called, THEY HAD MY LAPTOP. A good Samaritan found it and had returned it to the Burlington shop. Small Dog had been calling the house all weekend. For some strange reason the phone line was not working here, so they couldn’t get a hold of me.

Anyway, I went to Burlington and picked up the MacBook Pro on Tuesday. The Survivor MacBook Pro had fallen off the roof of the truck at 65 MPH and was then run over by the 800# plus trailer. The screen is cracked on the right side, and that 5” of the screen is toast. There’s tire marks, scratches, de-laminations, a visible bow in the whole deal, the DVD player is toast… but it still works! I’ve used it quite a bit! HOW ABOUT THAT!

If insurance will not cover the cost of a new one, I can have it REBUILT for $1300.00. I’m hoping it will be covered as I’d like to get the newest MacBook Pro, which just came out this week. We can rebuild the Survivor later.

UPDATE! See photos by clicking the image below:


by Jim Fecteau of (posted by Ed, written and submitted by Jim Fecteau)


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