Written by Art, art@smalldog.com, posted by Ed

With limited staffing in the warehouse lately, it’s been up to me to try and test some of the used iPods we have on hand in order to make them available for resale. It’s easy to do, and I can squeeze in four or five between my daily routine of running around the warehouse.

Producing a functional unit that our company can describe as Small Dog Refurbished, list with a decent warranty, and be confident in its operation, is something I try to take pride in.

In giving the iPods a thorough once over, one must make sure that:

  • the iPod itself is clean and presentable (substantially marred units are considered B goods and sold at a lower price),
  • the iPod can be restored and updated using the latest version of iTunes,
  • the iPod can receive and retain music and other data,
  • all buttons function properly,
  • all ports function properly,
  • the iPod’s battery takes and holds a charge,
  • all accessories are present and functional (we include factory-sealed earbuds with every SDR iPod),
  • the packaging looks close to original and is not compromised,
  • the product is labeled properly for stocking/picking purposes, and
  • the experience for the customer is a satisfying one where the iPod just works like it should with no questions asked.

These important steps are something we train to all Small Dog employees tasked with restoring and refurbishing the pre-owned iPods that we sell. Here’s a list of all the iPods we are currently offering on our website. Click here to see New, Demo, Small Dog Refurbished, and maybe some just plain used iPods.

Different categories, condition codes, and warranty coverage for each are decoded by clicking here. (scroll down a few questions for the exact relative section on condition codes)

For anyone who buys and receives an iPod from Small Dog and isn’t fully satisfied, I want to know about it.

Please feel free to contact me directly: art@smalldog.com


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