Ask any college or high-school student and you’ll discover that online social networking sites like Facebook are so hot right now.
One of the great advantages of these sites sites is their ability to help old and new friends alike keep in touch. Especially useful on the site Facebook is the ability to upload and share an unlimited number of photos. This is a great way to show the world those mad snowboarding skills you’ve picked up lately or, perhaps more productively, to share study abroad travel adventures. Unfortunately, uploading dozens and dozens of digital photos using a web browser over a less-than-fantastic internet connection can be frustrating and time consuming. Enter Facebook Exporter for iPhoto.
This handy plug-in for the iPhoto export panel makes uploading photos from your iPhoto library or album into any of your Facebook albums infinitely easier and more Mac-like. You can even add photo descriptions and friend tags before uploading to the web -minimizing the number of times you need to load Facebook photos page-by-page in your web browser.
Of course, privacy and safety should always come first and Facebook has preference settings dedicated to keeping your information as private as you’d like.


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