If you’re looking to develope some web applications for the iPhone then iPhoney can help you out. It’s a small application that looks like an iPhone and allows you to view your iPhone web applications just as it would look from a real iPhone.

Overall it works pretty well, unfortunately you don’t get the cool pinch and zoom features that the iPhone has, but it will at least give you idea of how your website or web application will look on an iPhone.

I did notice one issue and it’s a weird one, but when I load up an image in the ‘fit to screen’ viewing mode it will split the picture up into 4 parts and display them in a random order. I am not sure what’s up with that but hopefully it’ll be a bug that is fixed soon.

It’s a neat little application that just makes me want to get an iPhone even more! You can download it here for free and it’s also an open source application!


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