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We are processing a bunch of iPods for refurbishment and I saw an unexpectedly high number of rejected units. My experience is that the iPod is pretty rock solid so I grabbed a bunch of the rejects and spent some time trying to get them working. There are two simple tricks that may make your seemingly non-functional iPod as good as new.

Use the AC Adapter

An iPod with a completely dead battery will (doh!) be unresponsive. If you plug this iPod into your computer with the USB cable it will not be recognized and will not charge. Before you rush to to buy that new iPod here’s a tip that could save your iPod. Then you can give that old one to a friend and still come to Small Dog for a new one!

It is not just iPods that have this battery charging issue. My TomTom Rider GPS for my motorcycle has the same characteristics. If the battery has any juice in it at all, it will charge just fine from the 12 volts of my motorcycle’s electrical circuit but if the battery is completely discharged, I could leave it plugged into the motorcycle for eons and the battery will not charge. However, if I use the 120 volt AC charger, after a short time the battery comes to life and starts to charge. This works on the iPod, too!

If your iPod exhibits the dead iPod symptoms, try plugging it into a 120 volt AC charger. iPods do not come with these chargers but you can buy the refurbished Apple charger for $22.99 or a third party charger for $19.99. This is really an essential iPod recovery tool! Once you have charged the iPod for a short time on the AC charger you can move it to charge from your computer or better yet, let it get fully charged from the AC charger.

Use the iPod Updater Stand-Alone Application

If that iPod still doesn’t want to be recognized by iTunes when you plug it into the computer, you may need to restore the iPod. That’s the dilemma, though, if the iPod won’t show up in iTunes, you cannot use iTunes built-in updater to restore the iPod. We had several that exhibited these symptoms in a big box. What I discovered is that in some cases you will need to use the stand-alone iPod updater to restore your iPod. These updaters are available for free download from Apple. There are two, one for shuffles and one for the others. Always download the latest versions as they do change from time to time. Here’s a link to download the current versions:

For Shuffles:

Mac –

Windows –

For all other iPods:

Mac –

Windows –

These utilities are easy to use and will restore most iPods to factory condition. Once you have restored your iPod it will be recognized in iTunes and you can load up your music.

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