I broke down and got an iPhone yesterday… And early this morning during a major Thunderstorm/ Power Outage here in Moretown, Vermont, I found out just how useful and iPhone can be.

1) Its an excellent flash light.

If you set the sleep time on your iPhone to 5 minutes, you get 5 minutes of light from the phone, very handy in a power outage if you need to use the head. It probably is an even better flashlight if you set your wall paper to plain white. It also makes a great 5 minute night light, so you can get all tucked in before the light on the iPhone dims and goes out.

2) Bug Attractor / Killer

Last night with the power out and a steady barrage of thunder and lightning, I killed the sleepless time by watching some music videos that I had downloaded to my iPhone. Every few minutes an insect would land on the screen and wander around on to of the video, It was quite easy to squash them with one of my thumbs! Apple thoughtfully provides a cleaning cloth just in case there is any Bug Juice left on the screen.

So there you have it, a couple new ways to use an iPhone!


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