Over at Macworld.co.uk I read that 70% of Zune owners will switch to iPod and / or the iPhone.

While Microsoft said it has sold a million Zunes, Eagle Research Group finds that 70% of Zune owners plan to ditch the device in favor of an iPod or iPhone as soon as they can.

Apparently the player has acquired little brand loyalty. 36% of people who purchased a Zune “now say they would never have purchased one if they had realized Apple would produce something as innovative as the iPhone.”

Most interesting to me is that 22% of the 30% of vaguely loyal Zune owners are “motivated by their ‘dislike of Apple’.”

People dislike Apple? What the – ! Just kidding about the last sentence. It is true some people dislike / hate Apple simply for the sake of doing it. That’s cool – such people deserve the Zune.


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