Did you just buy a new Mac? Are you looking to buy a Mac? How about, have you ever used a Mac? If your answer to any of the previous questions was yes, then this website is for you.

MyFirstMac.com is a website intended for people new to the world of Macintosh computers. It has loads of articles ranging from iPhoto usage, AppleCare information, switching from Windows to the simple things like minimizing and maximizing windows. Most articles also contain a Quick Scan block which contains some quick informative bits from the article.

MyFirstMac also has a section where users can submit stories about their first Mac. Right now there’s about 5-6 articles but it’ll definitely grow.

I am surprised it took so long for a site like this to pop up. If you’re a new Mac user, this is one website you’ll want to bookmark.

Visit the website: http://www.myfirstmac.com/


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