iMovie ‘08 looks like it will be an innovative and uniquely useful program. However, at present it’s lacking some of the features of iMovie HD 6. For example, it currently lacks themes, multi-audio support, dedicated timeline view, and plug-in support. Also, the available transitions and effects are very limited. It appears that Apple is currently working to restore these. In the meantime, people who own iLife ‘08 can continue using iMovie HD 6. Here’s how:

If you buy iLife ‘08 to install on a machine you already own, iMovie HD 6 will not be erased, but will actually be moved to a folder named “iMovie (previous version) in your Applications folder when you install iMovie ‘08.

If you buy a new Mac with iLife ‘08 pre-installed, Apple will allow you to download iMovie HD 6. It’s a large download – 154MB – but in my opinion, it’s well worth it. You can download iMovie HD 6 by clicking here.


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