With the release of iWork ‘08 there is little reason to stick with MS Office. Pages is a great word processor with page layout capabilities and it will do something that MS Word for Mac will not do – open MS Word for Windows ‘07 documents!

Numbers is also a great alternative to Excel with more intuitive interface and much easier graphing and charting capabilities.

You can read and write to MS Office file formats easily with both Pages and Numbers!

You can download a fully functional 30-day trial of iWork from Apple at :


Now if your really want to give iWork ‘08 a good workout make Pages and Numbers the default application to open all of your Word and Excel documents! Here’s how you do that:

1. Install iWork ‘08 or the 30-day demo

2. Select any MS Word document and “Get Info”

3. Scroll down to “Open with…” and select Pages

4. Click on “Change All”

5. Repeat using an MS Excel document and Numbers

Now you will be ready to give iWork ‘08 a real trial. Let me know what you think!


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