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Here are a few facts you might not know about the Magsage Airline Adapter:

1 – It works on most planes these days. You will find the plug near the front of the armrest, typically under a small panel. You will know you have power supplied to your chair, when the small light in the armrest is turned on.

2 – If you have a powered self reclining chair, like on international flights, when adjusting the chair the power to your computer may be temporarily interrupted. To get the power back to your computer, after you adjust the chair, simply unplug the MagSafe airline adapter and plug it back in again.

3 – The MagSafe Airline Adapter provides power to the computer but will NOT charge the battery.

4 – There are two types of power plugs in seats, depending upon plane type, manufacturer and year built. These are the EmPower port and the 20 mm port. The MagSafe Airline Adapter comes with support for both of these outlets. When using the 20 mm adapter, simply line up the two airplane graphics that are printed on the adapters and in a snap you will be 20 mm enabled !

5 – You should never try to use the MagSafe Airline Adapter in a car, boat, or other device. This product is for airlines ONLY.

6 – It is easy to forget the 20 mm adapter and leave it behind after your flight. Write yourself a note !

Also, Apple has discontinued the original 85W Magsafe Adapter for the 15” and 17” MacBook Pro, and replaced it with a smaller 85W Magsafe Adapter with the part number MA938LL/A.

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