Written By Jeremiah Johnson, jeremiah@smalldog.com

With the introduction of Apple’s newest gadget, the iPhone, people want to discover the limitations of the software as well as see how far they can expand it to do things not thought of before.

Remember the original Nintendo? I can recall waiting up all night on the night of my 8th birthday just so I could open up my new Nintendo Entertainment System at midnight and play Super Mario Bros.

Well now you can have the best of both worlds. The old skool video games and now the newest (and best) handheld device ever made. The program is called NES.app, and it’s a Nintendo emulator for Apple’s iPhone. It uses InfoNES emulation core to mimic the 6502 processor that was the old skool Nintendo.

Check it out on YouTube by clicking here

Written By Jeremiah Johnson, jeremiah@smalldog.com


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