Switching to a Mac is a wonderful thing. We welcome more and more “switchers” into our Burlington location every day. These Windows PC users have seen how sweet life is with a Mac and come in for a test-drive.

Obviously, Windows PC users are often apprehensive about transferring their data (be it photos, Microsoft Office files, emails, movies or music) from their old boxes to their beautiful new Macs. Fear not! In most cases these users are able to complete the entire transfer themselves using only a USB flash drive.

Many users have already built-up a sizable iTunes library for their iPod on their Windows PC and realize that transferring this huge collection of files won’t be very easy using only a 2GB flash drive. How right they are. The good news is that iPods will also function as external hard-drives, thereby operating much like giant USB flash drives! Apple has put together a great tutorial on their support website about how to move iTunes library files from an old Windows PC to a brand new Apple computer!

That article is available here:

More info on how to move everything from Quicken files to Internet Explorer favorites using your iPod is available here:



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