Let me tell you—I am all about making the computer work for you. I maintain that while getting the most out of your Mac requires some effort, it should be fun and not make you want to toss the thing out of the closest window!

That said, there are a couple of simple things that one can do to make managing your Mac easier. One of those things is understanding the way your Keychain works. Keychain is the program that keeps your password(s) saved so that you’re not prompted every time to input it into your computer. For example, whenever you access your email account with Mail or save a password with Safari, Keychain remembers it for next time.

However, your Keychain can be tricky unless you understand these features:

1) You create an administrative password when you set up your Mac for the first time. That means that you should either write it down in a safe place (in case you do need to recall it for some reason—trust me, you don’t want to get locked out of your computer after trying too many wrong ones), OR make it blank (most people don’t need to password protect their Macs, anyway; it’s just a feature that newer operating systems have to keep your data safe). If you identify with the latter, leaving your password blank is a great option (no fuss! just press the Return key when prompted!).

2) If you ever change your password, your original keychain needs to be deleted.
If you did create a password when you set up your Mac, and for some reason have forgotten what it is, you will have to do a Password Reset, using your original Restore Discs that came in the box (side note: Small Dog offers this service in our Retail Service Department because it’s such a pain!). However, once you reset the password with your Restore CD, you’re not done. To work correctly, you then need to log back into your computer, go into your Utilities folder (found in the Applications folder), and open Keychain Access. From there, you must delete your original keychain with your username (not the System keychain).

How many of you out there have ever forgotten your password, or have had to delete your keychain? Let me know what your experiences have been or if you have any comments to share!


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