Last week we posted a survey asking if and roughly when people might upgrade to Leopard (OS 10.5). Over the course of the week, we gathered 1337 responses. There were a few minor flaws with the survey. The biggest flaw was that we gave people the opportunity to choose “Yes, but I’ll wait a couple weeks in case there are upgrade issues,” but didn’t allow the option of “Yes, but I’ll wait a couple of MONTHS in case there are upgrade issues.” Once the survey began, we couldn’t revise it, so we allowed participants to choose ”…I’ll wait a couple weeks…” even if they were actually going to wait a couple months to upgrade. This survey was not for marketing or scientific purposes, but simply for our community to appreciate potential Leopard adoption rates.

  • 21.9% say they’ll upgrade as soon as Leopard is released.
  • 37.7% say they’ll wait a couple of weeks [months] in case there are upgrade issues.
  • 31.9% say they’ll wait to get it on a new Mac
  • 8.2% say no thanks – they’re happy with their current OS.

Finally, 0.3% say there’s no way they’re upgrading to Leopard – they’re switching to Windows.

Also – we’ve selected a winner for the $30 gift bundle. We sent him or her an email and we’re waiting to hear back. We’ll announce the winner when we have more details!


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