Small Dog Electronics is a member of the Apple Sales Marketing Cooperative. One of the many great things ASMC does is print high-quality catalogs highlighting some of the great products offered by Apple Specialists around the United States and Canada.

We’ll offer the catalog in both of our retail stores. It can also be downloaded by clicking here.

And what is an Apple Specialist? “Apple Specialists are your friendly, knowledgeable, local Macintosh dealers. We focus on customer service and have a real passion for the Mac. We are small business people who love solving problems and helping our clients get the most from their Macs.

Apple Specialists are completely independent Apple Dealers and Service Providers who have exhibited a strong commitment to the Macintosh platform and have met or exceeded Appleā€™s highest level of sales and service authorizations.

There are currently 160 Apple Specialists with more than 300 sales and service locations across North America.


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