During the last Apple keynote, Steve Jobs said that the iPod touch and iPhone would be able to browse and purchase music from the iTunes Music Store. Yesterday an update for the iPhone was released which enabled users to do just that.

This morning I plugged in my iPhone, downloaded the latest software and updated my iPhone. There is now a nice purple iTunes store icon sitting on the home screen of my iPod!

At first I thought it would be a bit difficult navigating the iTunes store, but since they’ve given it a special interface that’s much different then it’s desktop counterpart, it’s quite simple to move around and find albums and artists.

They’ve broken the store up into three different main sections and also a section where you can see your downloads. The three main sections can then be broken down into genres and usually popular songs or albums.

I haven’t attempted to purchase and music yet, but moving around the store and navigating through it is very snappy. I would assume the same for downloading.

Something that really makes this even better is that when you purchase songs from the WiFi music store, they will get synched to your computer the next time you connect up your iPhone or iPod touch.

You can grab the update from iTunes now!


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