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Let’s lighten up the mood just a tad… Friday was Ed’s last day at Small Dog, and he had some kind words to say upon his departure. I, for one, can attest to the fact that the mood is a little different today (and certainly a lot quieter). Read on for what he had to say as he reflected on his time here…

From Ed Shepard:

Today will be my last day of writing for Kibbles & Bytes, at least for a while. I am leaving Small Dog Electronics to pursue a creative project that will require my focus for the next few months.

It has been very difficult for me to consider leaving Small Dog. This is a remarkable company, and my friends here have become as family. They’re an incredible group of people. If the team at Small Dog Electronics was scooped up, flown across the world, and dropped into a totally different company, they would make that business thrive. I would go anywhere with them.

The challenges of our industry are considerable. We deal with razor margins, millisecond product cycles, confusing specifications, and rampant internet fraud. Yet we get the satisfaction of offering a superior product – Macs – and we get to offer them to incredibly creative users.

Apple has truly helped us place tools of mass creation into our customers hands. My favorite part of the job has always been supplying people with the technology and know-how needed to express their creative visions. It’s a great feeling to help someone choose a tool for making a song, book, movie, website, digital image, website or blog.

That’s what I hope to do now – apply my Mac knowledge to a project that has nothing to do with computers, but is fully dependent on them to be realized. I will be working on a series of very short, interconnected stories. The short stories will only be posted online and will contain images, podcasts, and videos to extend the project into the real world. The stories actually hide an interlocked puzzle. You can choose to stay on the surface and simply read the stories as weird tales with unexpected endings, or you can go below the surface and seek the story within the story. Everything happens in a place called Warye, Vermont – a town of only about 200 people, tucked into an inaccessible valley in southern Vermont. Needless to say, it’s a very strange place.

Enough about me. I’ve loved working here. Every single day has offered a great education. I want to say thank you especially to Don and Hapy, who originally hired me, and who trusted me to grow through the years. I also appreciate that they’ve kept Small Dog Electronics small, socially responsible, and driven by customer service.

Hannah, Geoff, Rob, Tony, Kali, Art, Joyce, Jon, Jaime, Jimmy, Greg, Morgan, Daniel, Scott, Matt, Chris, Jeremiah, Katie, Davin, Joe, Eric, David, Charlie, Todd, Jim, Allen, Mark, Jason, Ryan, Mollie, Amy – it’s been incredibly great working with all of you.

Thank you to all the customers and readers I’ve communicated with through the years. I’ve learned far more for you than you have from me!

Uh, by the way Hapy, can I get a minor extension on the employee purchase program? I like that iPod touch…


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