Credits go to Jon for pointing this out.

Apparently, according to this article you can remove the Airport the card in your AppleTV and place it into a first generation MacBook Pro or MacBook. You’ll obviously have to open up your AppleTV which isn’t too hard, and also your MacBook or MacBook Pro which isn’t so easy.

So why would you want to do this? The AppleTV contains an 802.11n Airport card while those first generation notebooks have 802.11b/g cards. Therefore, you’ll be getting much better speeds with your notebook. You could put the Airport card from your notebook in the AppleTV if you still desire wireless connectivity.

This is great for people who use the AppleTV with the Ethernet cable and not Airport, or people who like to hack things apart.

Remember this isn’t really something novice users should try, but it’s definitely a neat little hack. It also seems possible that you can purchase the Mac Pro 802.11n upgrade kit and use the Airport card from that.


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