From Morgan, with thanks to Speak Up for the story. Here’s a snippet:

My Mac burst into flames under my bed while I was asleep. Awoke to the sound of “FFFffffff,” which I thought was something tearing. I heard it again. And again. Then I smelled something acrid and wrong…


Oh man. Is it the fan? What is it?

This time my ear pulls me towards that sound. Back into my bedroom.

E-mailing from bed. It’s a nasty habit. So I usually slip my computer near my bed before I go to sleep. I keep my Mac on a thin cutting board on my carpeted floor, under my bed. I got the free cutting board when I visited the big grocery store on Roosevelt Island two years ago (another story in itself). The butcher offered it to me because she put the wrong cheese on my turkey sandwich. I have used it ever since as a mouse pad, a computer pad, and a moth killer. Never as a cutting board.

For more on the scorched PowerBook, and some wicked pictures, click here.

Note: Image above is not the PowerBook, but rather a PC set ablaze.


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