Big announcement: Apple will be loading OS X on all new Macs from now on. This is a few months earlier than originally planned which is a good sign. Steve Jobs told the assembled developers that Apple has over one thousand software engineers working on OS X!

Mac OS X will be preloaded on all new Macs along with the Classic Mac OS
9.1. Until there is more native software available the Macs will all be set
to boot from OS 9.1. You can easily set the startup to OS X if you are ready
to make the jump. I am booting to OS X on my Titanium PowerBook these days
but I still boot in 9.1 on my office machine.

This move by Apple is important to demonstrate to the critical-to-Apple
developer community that Apple is serious about the transition so the
developers continue to quickly develop and port applications over to OS X.
It also demonstrates Apple’s confidence in their own engineering team.


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