Quickly switch between groups of windows to make your desktop much less cluttered.

I’m a fan of this, because I tend to work with certain groups of applications at the same time, while ignoring the others. It will be so nice to have separated sections such as a “design group,” which could consist of InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, or a “web group” (Dreamweaver/Coda, Fireworks, Flash), without having to have all of my applications in the Dock at the same time. (Let’s face it, I don’t always have access to my wonderfully large display at work, so I would love to conserve screen space!)

Plus, Spaces allows for you to customize your workspace ‘til your heart’s content. You can add rows, rearrange windows, set different actions with function keys. You will be able to toggle back and forth between different work areas, so you’re only looking at what you want to see, and nothing more. It looks like Spaces will have the look and feel of all your favorite OS X features. Sure, it’s eye-candy, but when it’s functional, who could complain?

See more features here.


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