View and read the contents of a file before you open it!

As I move through the list, I’m trying to concentrate on the features of Leopard that will prove to be very useful to the user, rather than just an “eye candy-type” feature. While I LOVE the improvements to the interface and the aesthetic personalization, I think that most people will want to get an upgrade that enhances their ease of use. This next feature should prove to be very useful, because as Apple says “opening files is soo 2006.” (Emphasis mine!)

Quick Look allows you to preview the contents of your file before you launch an application to open it. Wading through large amounts of files can be extremely cumbersome, so the initial preview could save you tons of time! (That’s a technical term, of course.) Quick Look also appears in Time Machine, which is a critical feature. Imagine looking for a file that you accidentally deleted in Time Machine—Quick Look should make the whole searching process so much easier.

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