Last week, I had a long talk with my sixteen year old about the importance of staying on top of his school work and not putting everything off until the last minute. Now here I am writing a whole years worth of reviews. Would that be irony or hypocrisy?

Age of Empires III

I really like the strategy like Age of Empires, Starcraft and Warcraft (before the World Of…) But, I found Age Of Empires III to be a little to intense for me and I haven’t really had the time to sit down and explore it they way I would like. The new game design is clearly a step up from it’s predessesor and it looks amazing, but for me, it will take a few more hours of playing time before I am really comfortable with it.

Belkin 12 Foot AV Cable for iPod Video

This is a really great item, when I first started buying movies and television shows off of iTunes, the major problem I had was watching the videos on the small screen. I wear glasses and trying to watch the videos would give me a headache, also trying to find a way to prop the iPod up for an hour and half was frustrating. This product plugs right from your iPod into the audio/video inputs on your television and allows you to watch your videos on your set. I was also pleasantly surprised with the quality of the playback, the fade to blacks get a little pixelish but normal video looks excellent. Looking back on it now though, I think I may have gone with something like the DLO HomeDock Deluxe, because it has the ability to charge the iPod during playback and has a remote and an on screen navigation menu.

Roxio Popcorn 2

See, this is were doing the reviews in a timely fashion would have been helpful as Roxio Popcorn 3 has already been released. Popcorn 2 did exactly what I hoped. I really liked the original Popcorn as a way to compress video files and then burn them to DVD. Popcorn 2 does that in the same fashion also allows you to compress the videos to an even small file size and then export them directly to iTunes where they can be transferred onto your iPod. I really like this software and am looking forward to eventually upgrading to Popcorn 3.

Kingston 4gb Data Traveler

I love this device! It is very easy to use and very small, which really does make it a true Data Traveler. It is a great way to move files from one computer to another with out having to burn the information to discs (less waste!) and the Data Travelers range in size from 512mb to 8gb so you can choose the size to best fit your needs.

Small Dog Helmet Stereo Headphones

I bought these when I got my scooter. They are really awesome. The fight inside your helmet and have a nice long cord with an extender unit and clip, there is also a volume control on the headphone wire so you don’t need to adjust the volume directly on the iPod.

iPod Video 80gb Black

Funny story… I was traveling down Route 100B on my scooter here in Vermont when the music through my Small Dog Helmet headphones just stopped. I was very confused. Turns out my iPod had worked it’s way out of my pocket and landed on the road while I was going 50mph. Somehow, I don’t think Applecare would cover that! I bought this as a replacement unit.

14 Foot 6 To 4 Pin Firewire Cable

I bought this because I lost my old one in the move from NYC to Vermont. It is used to attach my video camera to my iMac to upload video into iMovie. What can I really say about this product? It is a cable. It works well.

Service Repair on Macbook

Nellson’s Macbook for some reason stopped playing DVD’s. He is a night auditor at a hotel and is alone most of the night and spends most of his time watching movies. He was really bummed when it stopped working. I brought it in and Jon and Matt were able to fix it. Jon and Matt rock!

Apple iLife 08 Family Pack

This is my most recent purchase, and I haven’t really had the time to play around with it. I do like the way it organizes the pictures in iPhoto and am looking forward to starting my first project in iMovie with all the new features it provides.


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