After leading for 13 weeks, Killer Donkeys team falls to third place with strong weeks from the Barre Bombers team. Tymber Wolves also leapfrogs Killer Donkeys as they slide to the 3rd spot. Hap’s Hitters fills out the top 4 with a week’s best 122.50 pts.

1.Barre Bombers 1258.25
2.Tymber Wolves 1245.75
3.Killer Donkeys 1240.50
4.Hap’s Hitters 1212.75
5.Chucksberg Pirates 1164.75
6.The BURNiNATORs 1119.25
7.4thn2 1096.75
8.CawCawCaw 1066.75
9.Heavy Hippos 1035.50
10.Lafuma 982.75
11.Jolly Mothras 968.00
12.Katie’s Killers 834.50


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