Have you ever thought, [Insert friend/family name here] has this great laptop—but I don’t know what accessories go with it to give as presents!?

This is a very common dilemma in the store this time of year. So, I thought I would dish on some of the “must have” laptop accessories that anyone would be stoked to get!

1. Speck SeeThru Shell for MacBooks
With the popularity of Mac sales increasing, it’s not uncommon to plop down at your local coffee shop or library and see the person next to you workin’ it on the same Mac. But, how do you make your MacBook stand out from the others? With the new SeeThru cases for MacBooks – you can choose just about any shell to match your laptop to your personality. But, don’t worry – these cases won’t over heat your MacBooks, built-in vents allow your laptop to breathe – while still looking good!
Available in: Red, Dark Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Aqua, and Clear. $44.99

2. AppleCare Protection Plan
Consumer Report said it best, “Don’t Buy The Extended Warranty (Unless It’s AppleCare)”. The AppleCare Protection Plan will increase the coverage on your MacBook (or any other Mac) to a total of THREE years. Not only will you get warranty coverage on your Mac, but you will also get unlimited phone support during all three years, as well as global repair coverage. The cost for the AppleCare in comparison to “out of warranty” hourly prices makes the choice easy – and smart. MacBook $229.99, MacBook Pro $329.99 – on SPECIAL now!

3. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX-Certified Speaker System
Wanna rock out with your Mac out? Klipsch’s ProMedia speakers can get any holiday party started or provide the perfect sounding tunes for a relaxing Sunday. With the crisp, clear vocals and heart pumping bass, this speaker set will not disappoint. At our South Burlington location we use the Klipsch ProMedia Speakers as our main sound system because they can can fill up the whole space with great sound. Box includes two speakers, subwoofer, and a headphone jack connection. $149.99

4. Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
As if the anodized aluminum isn’t sexy enough – the thin, compact design makes it easy to store this keyboard in any laptop case. The Bluetooth connection works up to 30 feet, it will automatically power down when it’s not in use, and start back up again with the tap of a key. The new Bluetooth keyboard from Apple also includes a power button to turn the keyboard completely off so you don’t waste battery life . However, the keyboard can manage its power use and can last six months or more with out making you change the batteries! $79.99

5. ACP-EP Burton Snowboard SnowDrive 2GB Flash Drive
The gift that keeps giving. Most flash drives out there are boring, white, and have no flare – until now. Burton Snowboard SnowDrives look like mini snowboards and come preloaded with Burton video clips and commercials. Not to mention, these flash drives provide hot swap data transfers that live up to the “plug and play” life style. $39.99
note: as of 12/4 this item is backordered. please check back for availability.


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