Macworld is upon us! Here are our predictions…

Allen – iPhone: all new hardware featuring a slimmer size, larger capacity and an updated firmware – MacBook nano: an ultra-slim 10” portable with a large and multi-touch trackpad, solid state HD, iSight, optional external optical drive, unbelievably long battery life; the current MacBooks will get a minor update and be called the “MacBook Classic” – iPod touch: 16GB model drops to the current 8GB price, 32GB model introduced at the current 16GB price point and updated firmware with more iPhone-like applications – MacBook Pro: minor updates to processor speeds, increased standard HD capacities and the 17” gets LED backlight – Apple Goes Granny Smith: Steve will pledge that Apple is to become greener than ever with its manufacturing facilities, packaging and choice of materials

Katie – iPhone: 16GB model – iPod Touch: Gets a camera – Aperture: Update – Cinema Display: Redesign with iSight – MacBook Pro: 12” model OR, 15” MacBook

JJ – iPhone: 16GB model – iTunes: DVDs to include an “iTunes” version – MacBook: Tablet laptop with iMac integration – iPod Hi-Fi: Reintroduced with a new design – Posters: Signed by Steve Jobs

Charlie – MacBook: Smaller form factor – MacBook: Tablet technology – Something color changing! – iPhone: 3G version – iTunes: Movie rentals

Davin – Blu-Ray Burners – HD Authoring – iPhone: New version – MacBook Pro: 12” version – iPod Touch: 32GB model

Mollie – MacBook: 12” version – Cinema Displays: New model with built-in iSight cameras – New Prodcut: Apple Digital Camera with iPhone-esque form factor – iTunes: Movie rentals and NBC is brought back – MacBook Pro: New processor, more RAM and different form factors

Ben B – iPhone: Redesign – iTunes: Movie rentals – MacBook: New “nano” model, hybrid and ultra-portable – MacBook: Case redesigns – Cinema Displays: New model with lower price and integrated iSight

For more coverage on Macworld, check out Barkings all next week for reports from the field and all the hottest new stuff!


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