Two of my favorite Google applications, Gmail and Google Calendar (it seriously needs a fancier name, though), have been updated with a better interface for the iPhone today. The Official Gmail Blog has outlined these changes, which are summarized here.

Gmail for the iPhone has a new look, as well as new features, such as: “pre-fetching and auto-complete.” Gmail will now get your most recent messages and autofill important data, including email addresses. If you’re like me, you appreciate not having to hunt and peck every address in addition to the message itself!

To get to Gmail on your iPhone, click in Safari and sign in to your account.

Read all about the Gmail updates on The Official Gmail Blog.

Again taking advantage of AJAX technology, Google has its updated Google Calendar application. As stated in the Google Mobile Blog, it now has a month view, and is faster than the previous version.

In addition, you can customize the tabs when using Google, and in your iGoogle account, you’re able to “mobilize” your personalized modules.

These are just a few of the many improvements that Google has made to “play nice” with the iPhone; I look forward to continued integration!

Read all about Google Calendar on the Google Mobile Blog.

Thanks to Morgan for the links!
Read his blog about the Google apps here:


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