Don, Geoff, Hannah, and I are are the keynote. I’ll send updates every ten minutes or so.

Time Capsule—airport extreme with built in hard drive. 500GB $299, 1TB at $499

• iPhone: 4M sold to date, 20,000 a day.
• Triangulation (probably) for real time directions via Google Maps on iPhone.
• Bookmark locations
• SMS more than one person at once
• web clips—added to home screen, clips update dynamically
touch and hold one icon, they start jiggling, you can then move them around, push home when done
• chapters subtitles and languages
• support for lyrics
• new firmware for iPhone.
• mail, stocks, notes, and weather, maps with WiFi location for iPod touch. upgrade is $20??!!!
• 4 billionth song sold on iTunes
• 20M songs sold on Christmas day


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