The RAM in your computer is like the muscles in your body. The more memory you have, the more weight your Mac can handle. This means those dues in Venice Beach, CA must be maxing out the RAM in all their machines!

The more RAM you have in your computer, the faster is goes, and the more you can do at once. If your MacBook is running off of 1GB of RAM, and you are running ten programs at once, and are using large apps, your Mac might be doing a whole lot of sweating…

To get your computer bikini season ready, giving it a new regimen to follow might be the answer. Choosing to upgrade the RAM, or the speed on your treadmill, is going to get things into shape a lot more quickly. Right now at Small Dog, RAM prices for MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and iMacs is lower than ever (and out-pricing Apple!).

For machines that can handle up to 2GBs of RAM now can be maxed out for about $80, and machines that can handle up to 4GBs can be maxed out for about $160 (and don’t forget that Small Dog offers free RAM installs on new machines!).

So get that Mac off the couch, let it hit up the Small Dog Service Department, and get your Mac’s ‘guns’ into shape for all your computing needs!


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