While everyone was oooing and drooling over the new MacBook Air, I think that Time Capsule is the real hit of the show!

This appliance will make thinking about backing up your Mac a thing of the past. Automatic backups using Leopard’s Time Machine are now wireless right to your own Time Capsule! Think about it, install one of these in your home, use it as your wireless AirPort 802.11n base station and the included 500GB or 1 TB hard drive will store all of the backups for all the Macs in your house! This is real Star Trek stuff!

Not only that, but you can hook up your printer or more storage to the Time Capsule and share these resources wirelessly!

Got some wired computers? Got some of those Windoze PCs? Time Capsule supports them, too. With three gigabit ethernet ports Time Capsule acts as a wired router, too!

At just $299 for the 1/2 TB unit and $499 for a full TB, this is gonna be the best selling product released at MacWorld!


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