The following is a blog from Sophie, who is living abroad in Chile for the next year, and is Small Dog’s current foreign correspondent! She checks in from time to time to let us know how she and her MacBook are doing…

¡Hola Todos!

This past week I returned from an eight day trip to Brazil with my classmates from school. Before entering the final year, each class is allowed to go on a special trip together, so we traveled to Camborui Brazil!

The trip was amazing; each day there was a planned activity with free time until the early hours of the morning. The beaches in Brazil are excellent—the water is warm, and it is always full of people. I was able to meet and converse with people from all over South America. Many people asked me where I was from; I joked and told them I was from Chile. They gave me strange looks and some even believed me. I did tell them after I came from the USA and they told me that they thought that my Spanish sounded very strange. (Haha.)

One cool part of my trip was sitting in the lobby of my hotel singing with a group of Brazilians at midnight. I walked up to listen and they immediately pulled up a chair and invited me to take a seat and join them. Brazilians are very inclusive, beautiful and fun people.

Other highlights of my trip included talking with a friend from Bolivia about South American culture on the beach at five in the morning, as well as riding a roller coaster with my classmates and singing songs about Chile as we climbed the highest point and proceeded to go down into the rest of our time together…


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