Since it’s been cold out, I like to use my driving gloves while in the car so I don’t have to worry about my hands freezing to the steering wheel. (Yeah, say what you want, I like my driving gloves!) The downside is that while wearing my leather delights I can’t use my iPod touch. I have to take the glove off, and doing so means more risk while driving because I have to move my attention from the road to removing the glove, and then to my iPod…

Anyway, I had previously seen these gloves at EMS that have special fingertips designed to work with the iPod so you don’t have to remove your gloves. Amazing! The gloves are made by a company called Tavo products, you can view the gloves here (Flash required). The fingertips of the gloves are covered by nylon strands coated with silver alloy, which gives them the ability to interface with the sensors on the iPods.

With those in mind, I’ve thought about purchasing the gloves because not having to uncover my hands to change a song or playlist sounds pretty enticing. However, I already have a few different pairs of gloves and don’t feel like buying another pair, which would render the others useless. So, on a semi-related note, when I found out that the band-aid on my fingertip (a result of giving blood this morning) worked my iPod just fine, I was psyched!

In summation: if you want a great glove to use with your iPod, you can check out the Tavo glove, or attempt applying a band-aid to your regular gloves. (As long as you don’t mind looking like your glove has a boo-boo!) 🙂


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