This Barred Owl seldom ventures out during the day but it decided to look for some mice or small dogs. I was sitting at my kitchen table catching up with some email when Grace got this stunned look on her face and said “Look at that!”

I swiveled around and sure enough this huge Barred Owl was happily perched on my bird feeder not but a few feet from me. It was almost 2 feet tall and not particularly afraid.

I got up and grabbed my camera and took pictures through the porch sliding glass door and watched the owl from 5 feet away. It stared me down and swiveled its head 180° to look me over.

It stayed there until Hammerhead saw it and barked and it flew into a nearby tree, probably waiting for some innocent little chipmunk or squirrel to steal the bird food. It hung out for about an hour and then flew away, coming back to perch several times.

What a beautiful creature!


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