Many of us at SDE have installed the 10.5.2 update, with no problems reported. Indeed, people are reporting that their machines seem snappier. Beyond plenty of bug patches, there are also a number of nice additions to the update. 10.5.2 users now have have control over translucency in the menu bar, more options for viewing files in Stacks (including lists), and more control over Time Machine backups. It seems that Apple is listening to customer feedback.

We have received reports from other Apple Specialists that some users have had an issue after installation; basically the Mac seems to go into an eternal startup loop.

Duane at (a great Apple Specialist based in Columbia, Missouri) suggested this solution:

1. Boot into safe mode (hold down the shift key immediately after the startup chime)

2. Hit Restart instead of logging in.

Duane writes “According to Apple and our experience, this procedure fixes the bug. I did not personally experience this issue and 10.5.2 continues to amaze and impress me.”


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