On Tuesday, Apple released Aperture 2. This is a dramatic (and some might say overdue) update to the popular image management and editing program. Aperture 2 has more than 100 new features that make it much faster, easier to use, and more powerful.

These features are built around a streamlined user interface, with accelerated performance, an optimized database, and a new Quick Preview mode for rapid-fire browsing. There are also new advanced image processing tools such as Recovery, Vibrancy, Vignette, and a soft-edged Retouch brush.

You can read more and pre-order Aperture 2 for $199.00 with free shipping.

An upgrade is available for $99.99; it’s also available for pre-order with free shipping.

A 30-day trial can be downloaded for free from Apple.com. Check it out by clicking here

Apple has provided a free Aperture 2 Compatibility Checker that can be downloaded before ordering the upgrade. You can see this here:


Upgrade Requirements:
To upgrade to Aperture 2, you’ll need a Mac with Aperture 1.5 installed and a valid serial number.

Recent Aperture 1.5 Purchaser?
If you purchased Aperture 1.5 between January 1, 2008, and March 14, 2008, you are eligible to upgrade to Aperture 2 for US$9.95 (shipping and handling). Learn more by clicking here:


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