Written by: Charlie Ellibee, Charlie@Smalldog.com

As most of you know we are currently living in an age of questions. Who? What? When? Where my dogs at? Red pill or blue pill? You want fries with that? With the age of question upon us, where do we turn for answers?

How about Dashboard? Yes, that’s right, your Mac’s Dashboard. For those of you who aren’t completely familiar with the concept of the Dashboard, it’s that small icon always on your Dock (OS 10.4 and higher) that looks like a speedometer with funny shapes in it. You can activate the Dashboard Application by clicking on that icon or hitting the F12 button on the top of your keyboard. Dashboard uses little mini programs called widgets.

Apple gives you quite a few to start off with, which you can view by clicking the little plus symbol in the bottom left corner. You can scroll left and right to see what widgets are there. When you see a widget you like, click on it to activate it, and it will ripple into existence on the Dashboard.

The sheer number of widgets in existence make it almost a certainty that Apple will have one to suit your needs. There are a few ways to get these widgets. The first and easiest way is to simply right click (or ctrl click for you laptop users) on the Dashboard icon in your dock and select the “More widgets” option and it will spirit you away to the Apple website widget section.

The other way is to go to the Apple website and click on the download tab. Within the downloads section there’s an area on the right called widgets. When you scroll over it, the tab will drop and show you the top 10 widgets off their website. If you click on the actual tab, it will take you to the formal widget section where all of the widgets are organized.

On this page you can find anything from a drink mixing guide to the ever popular whoopee cushion widget. You can get your own pet rock or find out what movies are playing. I am using quite a few handy widgets these days. A Quicken widget, lava lamp, Coming Soon Movies, MacTips and the best an most useful widget, iStat Pro. iStat Pro is a widget designed to show your Mac’s the vital signs. It shows your Mac’s CPU usage and Memory usage, as well as temperatures, hard drive capacity and even how fast your computer exhaust is spinning. All this and you can choose your own colors. It was designed and produced by iSlayer.com.

Those are a few of my favorite widgets. If you want anymore suggestions feel free to email me. Cheers!

Written by: Charlie Ellibee, Charlie@Smalldog.com


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