The following is a blog from Sophie, who is living abroad in Chile for the next year, and is Small Dog’s current foreign correspondent! She checks in from time to time to let us know how she and her MacBook are doing…

Hello Mac Fans!

This past week I ventured to the south of Chile on a week long
vacation with my friends. The eight of us piled into a car fit for six and spent many hours driving along the highway to reach our destination.

We made stops in hot spots such as Puertto Mont, Puerto Varas and the small island of Chiloe. We crisscrossed to the island and were greeted by a wave of fish smells and I had to clamp my nose because of the odor! The island was dotted with antique wooden churches primed with lilac purple and buttercup yellow as opposed to traditional bland colors.

We ended the week with a three night stay in Barilohe, Argentina. We crossed the boarder through the mountains and arrived in the night and did not stop looking for a cabin to lodge in until midnight. We were always greeted by the phrase “no hay lugar” (no space) as the entire town was flanked with hungry tourists as ourselves.

Bariloche is famous for chocolate and thus we spent much time in the various sweet stores. The best part was waking up and seeing the mountain range leaning above the lake. Crossing back over the boarder into Chile I released a fresh breath, happy to be back in my country!

The mall in my city hosts WiFi and I am a frequent user with my
MacBook. Every time I go there are at least a few people that view the glowing apple and come up to me and ask me about the notebook. Some comments have included “it is such a beautiful, sneaky computer!” One man just looked at it, smiled and said “Wow, I hope to have one of those some day!”


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