My name is Katie and I have a problem (with organization).

Dates, times, appointments… too much going on these days. I wish I had a personal assistant for my life who would tell me what to do and where to be throughout the day— but since that’s not going to happen EVER, the next best thing is Bento!

Bento follows in the footsteps of its older sibling— FileMaker. Bento is directed more towards personal organization rather huge databases like FileMaker. However, Bento is sophisticated enough to handle a Small Business. It allows you to keep track of everything from daily tasks to Inventory to Time Billing, and it even hooks right up to your Address Book and iCal to add contacts and events.

The Projects feature is probably my favorite part of Bento. You can keep track of your projects, who is involved, what everyone needs to do and when it needs to be done. You can add in notes, there are status fields, and the best part is you can hook it up with iCal. (So you don’t have an excuse not to get things done.) It really is like a nosy assistant that’s all up in your business— in a good way!

Read more about Bento here.

Please note that Bento is only for OS 10.5, Leopard.


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