A handful of customers have popped into the store asking about the volume on their iPod. It’s one of two things:

“My iPod seems too quiet, I want to BLAST my tuuuunes man!” “I’m afraid my son’s ears are going to fall off with the way he blares his music!”

The easy fix for both of these situations is using the “Volume Limit” that is built right in to the iPod.

If you go to “Settings” on the main screen of your iPod and select “Volume Limit,” you can choose the sound level you would like the iPod to reach. Personally I have that baby all the way to the right so it’s like I have my own personal concert going on in my head any time of the day! (Word to the wise: I’m a professional—so be careful with that!) All you need to do is use the scroll wheel to adjust the setting.

To secure that volume limit that you have picked, you will need to set a passcode. However, the trick with the passcode is you will want to write it down to remember it. If you ever forget your passcode, you will have to restore your iPod, losing all of your settings and music (but it will still be stored in iTunes, or on the External Drive that we ALL should be backing up on!)

And P.S – There are a lot of cool built in features to the iPod, like Contacts, Calendars, Games, Alarms, Stopwatch, etc. To use the Contacts and Calendar feature you must sync your iPod with your computer (running 10.4.9 or higher on a Mac or Windows XP) to make adjustments.


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