With spring comes the urge to clean and reorganize. This is true of our office environment right now as the Small Dog Electronics team rearranges our desks and offices to a more efficient layout within our allotted space.

Having recently moved from a position in the warehouse up to the administrative building, I finally had the opportunity to move up my beautiful custom hand made tiger maple desk. A John Barkhausen product.

As I sat down to sort out the contents of the drawers (which I had been adding odds and ends to for the last ten years) I came upon some old treasures that I had forgotten about.

-A sealed copy of Apple’s Inter*Pol Network software from 1988 (Release 1.0.1, only works with Mac Plus, SE, Mac II)

-A VHS tape containing the selling points for the Newton MessagePad from the year 2000 (which I promptly forwarded to Morgan, who still uses his daily)

-A VHS tape containing the Apple Technology Update for Mac Runtime for Java (April 1997)

-Mac OS 8 Disk Tools 1 and 2 on Floppy (in like new condition!)

-Copies of various Small Dog Electronics mailings and promo materials from when we were a lesser known Mac reseller.

-One of the Slime Dog toys that we used to include for special customers, still in the wrapper.

In case you would like to see what our website looked like in the past, here’s a link to our archives

Stay tuned for our next iteration of Smalldog.com set to launch on April 22nd!


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