Well it’s official: we live in the world of mobile entertainment. DVD players come in cars to entertain the kids and thousands of songs can be stored in a little device that’s remarkably close in size to a cassette tape! When it comes to the iPod, everybody is looking to accessorize. Whether it be a case or a new/different set of headphones, you want something to go with your mystical little box-o-music.

I have found the ultimate accessory. Let me set up a scenario for you–in the coming weeks, it continues to get nicer and nicer outside. You, your friends and family are all going down to the lake for a picnic and party session for the books but realize, “Hey! How are we going to bring our music with us?” I’ll tell you how: the Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere.

The Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere portable mp3 speaker system is the ultimate in sound and portability for the price your paying. The speaker system itself is no more than 3 inches deep and maybe 5 inches tall. It can play any of the iPods in the current line, excluding the shuffle unless you get an adapter. It has a fairly rich sound for something of its size and with its built in StereoXL technology, one push of a button can enlarge its stereo profile and make the unit sound like one of twice the size.

The unit itself comes in either white or an absolutely fetching black gloss color. It is sold with a wall adapter, remote and case as well as the most appealing aspect of it (drum roll please!): This music machine stands true to the ‘Anywhere’ title due to its built in 10-hour battery life. That’s right, all you have to do is plug it in at night, and by the morning, this little speaker system is ready to go with 10 hours of play time. No more buying loads and loads of batteries to keep your stereo running.

As far as iPod-compatible mp3 playing speaker systems go, the Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere is the ultimate in portable technology. Pop on in to your closest Small Dog Electronics and one of our awesome retail staff members can give you a demonstration of how it all works. Hey, you can even bring your own iPod if you want to give it a go! Cheers!


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