I love browsing the iTunes store, looking for great new music. I could probably spend hours sampling music, exploring related music, and perusing reviewer’s suggestions. However, it irks me that there’s no way to compile a wishlist of music to return to and reevaluate and purchase later. One of the nice things about browsing Amazon’s site is that it’s easy to save an intriguing item in a wishlist for future purchase or evaluation (our new website will also have this functionality!). It seems like the engineers at Apple could easily add this feature to iTunes, so there must be some reason they’ve decided against it.

Fortunately, it’s easy to save a link to music albums in the iTunes store. All you have to do is drag the album’s title from iTunes to your Mac’s desktop, or a folder on your Mac’s desktop. This creates a file that’s actually a link. Double click the link, and iTunes will launch, bringing you right back to the album. You can also do this with individual songs.

On my desktop, I’ve created a folder called “Music Links.” If I’ve found an album I might want to purchase later, I simply drag its link from iTunes and stash it here. (Note that you can also email these links to other iTunes users… hint, hint.)


After this MacTreat originally ran in Kibbles & Bytes last week, many people wrote in saying that they simply added songs or albums to purchase later to their iTunes shopping cart. I actually have 1-click purchasing enabled, so I don’t really use a shopping card. Here’s what Manda K. wrote:

“I just wanted to let you know: to save albums or songs that I want to revisit later, I just put them in my shopping cart in iTunes. Periodically I review my shopping cart and either purchase or delete its contents. The items seem to stay there permanently (or until iTunes stops carrying them, which did happen to me with one song). Just wanted to get that option out there.”

Manda in NJ


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