Announced in Apple’s financial report just yesterday, 50 percent of Mac purchases for Q2 were by those new to Mac. That means that there is a lot to learn for half of the people who now own a beautiful new Mac.

If you call yourself a switcher, there are a lot of options. First, you could attend a class; you could buy a book; if you just have a couple of questions, you could sign up for an in-store consult; or even have a Small Dog consultant come to your home and help you out.

Or, if you have an internet connection, Apple has a lot of information for you. It’s called “Find Out How”: Recently, Apple has been putting together informational videos and text tutorials about the Mac and how to use it. They even go over how to use your Mac as your digital life hub, for photos, movies, web, music, and even work.

So, if you just want to check out what the Mac is all about before coming in to see one in person, or just picked one up and aren’t sure where to start, try some free knowledge!


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